…Even our heart suffers and pains
is fully occupied and “drifted” by love
and with bouzouki and guitars
sings softly and sweet like a bird…

15th International Seminar-Meeting on the rebetiko July, 14-21 2024 Skyros Island

This year, the 15th international seminar-meeting on rebetiko in Skyros will take place from 14 to 21 July 2024, as always with the contribution of the Municipality of Skyros, the Cultural Association of Skyros “Anemoessa”, the Faltaits Museum and the local community.

Our events will be held, as always, with respect to the heritage of rebetiko and the positive aura of the beautiful island of Skyros. It includes daily music lessons for rebetiko in the welcoming space of the “Anemoessa” Cultural Association, as well as evening presentations free to the public in the same space and musical evenings in the island’s tavernas. On Friday July 19, 2024, as every year will take place a central event with rebetiko songs and dances in the central square of the Island, in collaboration with the Municipality of Skyros and the Cultural Association of Skyros “Anemoessa”. Concert at the “Anemoessa” venue with the participants of the seminar on Saturday July 20 at 12 pm which will be broadcast live via live streaming and will also be posted on youtube.

Because of the limited number of the participants, we’ll keep strict priority. Please contact us by phone or e-mail in order to declare your participation.

George Makris and Spiros Goumas

Πληροφορίες-Information tel: 0030210-6410211, 00306972335227

e-mail: makres@otenet.gr and info@spirosgoumas.gr

Detailed information about the seminar (lessons, speeches, concert etc.) will be announced later on website http://www.rebetikoseminar.com Information about Skyros Island can be found in the following site www.skyros.gr


More Seminars

More Seminars

Proceedings of the rebetiko seminar-meetings in Skyros

Proceedings of the rebetiko seminar-meetings in Skyros are posted on the website of the seminar. Among others you can find a historical and sociological approach of the development of rebetiko song, the names of the musical scales (dromoi) in rebetika, historical references to the life and work of great composers, singers and skilled players of rebetiko (Thanasis Manetas, Costas Bezos (A. Kostis), Marika Papagika, Panagiotis Tountas, George Mitsakis, Giannis Papaioannou, Costas Kaplanis), even for not famous but not less important musicians of the interwar period (Kostas Faltaits, Grigoris Asikis, Dimitris Atraidis, Giakoumis Montanaris, Costas Tzovenos, Stavros Pantelidis) but also personal information for the not famous Urban musicians.
Historical data for Mortes, Koutsavakia and Magkes. You can also find Fado and rebetiko social relationships, an interesting approach titled “women in rebetiko” by the rebetiko researcher Gail Holst-Warhaft, an approach to the dances of 9, information about the flowering of rebetiko in Piraeus, the imprints of rebetiko in the neighborhoods of Piraeus, the growth of rebetiko in Thessaloniki and of course the rebetiko in Finland as well as personal revelations how the rebetiko touches our soul.