…Even our heart suffers and pains
is fully occupied and “drifted” by love
and with bouzouki and guitars
sings softly and sweet like a bird…

Live Performances

Live Performances

2001- 2010

“Parapetamenoi” since its establishment (1999) until today have a musical presence mainly based on the voluntary contributions of its members and associates. The main material of their performances is the rebetiko with tributes for most of the creators and singers of rebetiko based on original recordings. Indicatively our team made performances:

At the Youth Center of Chalandri Municipality, at the Cultural Center of Holargos Municipality “Melina Mercouri”, at the music scene “FA DO” in Chalandri, at Nafpaktos area for a music event of the General Secretariat for Youth, at a concert of the Municipality of Neo Heraklion-Attica, at the music scene of “Makari”.
From 5th December 2003 up today, we present our work at “Makari” unplugged, at “Ekvasis” Music Hall – Former “House of Art Lolis” with tributes to rebetiko and its pioneers, with a top-notch tribute to “Markos Vamvakaris”. At the “LOXIAS” Music Cafe in Thessaloniki for an event organized by the Thessaloniki Women’s Network.

We also conducted a presentation for the New York University (NYU) Department of Modern Greek Studies based on the different musical expressions of the “Smyrna” and “Piraeus” style music at a special event for students of NYU in Athens at “Al Adar training Center” on July 26, 2005 entitled “A brief introduction to rebetiko”.

Sporadic performances at “Si-bemol” Entertainment Center of Aigaleo from November 2005 to 2008, at “Ellington” Music Stage of Byronas municipality, at the Athletic Olympic Center “Michalis Mouroutsos” on behalf of the ” European Women’s Network against Violence” events, at the opening event of the 3rd House of Scouts in Cholargos public Park, at the Conference of the “Hellenic Society of Clinical Chemistry-Clinical Biochemistry”, at the Municipal Market of Kypseli for the support of Kypseli’s residents struggle for a better life.
During the cultural Events “KIZIKIA 2007” organized by the Municipality of Nea Artaki, during an event organized by the Animal Society of Chalandri at the “Pavillion” Center in December 2007, for an event organized by the Parents Association of the 3rd and 15th Elementary Schools of Chalandri-Attiki.
During the same period, we participated at events in the “Kipseli Music Café”, at the “Coffee Scene” of Ilion municipality, for the events of the Ano Liossia Cultural Movement and for “Cultural Association of Hassia”.
In April 2010 we participated for a tribute of Marika Ninou, organized by the Cultural Center “John Ritsos”, the Municipality of Egaleo and the 4th High School of Egaleo.

2011-until now

Since 2011 until now we took part indicatively in the following events:


Proceedings of the rebetiko seminar-meetings in Skyros

Proceedings of the rebetiko seminar-meetings in Skyros are posted on the website of the seminar. Among others you can find a historical and sociological approach of the development of rebetiko song, the names of the musical scales (dromoi) in rebetika, historical references to the life and work of great composers, singers and skilled players of rebetiko (Thanasis Manetas, Costas Bezos (A. Kostis), Marika Papagika, Panagiotis Tountas, George Mitsakis, Giannis Papaioannou, Costas Kaplanis), even for not famous but not less important musicians of the interwar period (Kostas Faltaits, Grigoris Asikis, Dimitris Atraidis, Giakoumis Montanaris, Costas Tzovenos, Stavros Pantelidis) but also personal information for the not famous Urban musicians.
Historical data for Mortes, Koutsavakia and Magkes. You can also find Fado and rebetiko social relationships, an interesting approach titled “women in rebetiko” by the rebetiko researcher Gail Holst-Warhaft, an approach to the dances of 9, information about the flowering of rebetiko in Piraeus, the imprints of rebetiko in the neighborhoods of Piraeus, the growth of rebetiko in Thessaloniki and of course the rebetiko in Finland as well as personal revelations how the rebetiko touches our soul.